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Cherry Tyfield
Using Life Alignment, I provide a safe space to facilitate personal transformation and healing that enables people to re-connect to their true potential. Let us travel this road together...
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Free Lectures & Demonstrations & new Event Workshops
Learn a healing method that can boost body, mind & spirit, release emotional patterns and promote a sense of self empowerment
Locate energy blockages in the body often caused by past trauma, suppressed emotions, pollutants, lifestyle stresses or physical injury
Access the imbalances & blockages in our personal space and our relationship within it
Identify where the energy is stuck or blocked and help open the flow in the direction that is true for the organisation
Student & Practitioner Training with Jeff Levin
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“ In this video Dr Levin describes how Life Alignment came into being, and what it’s all about”
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Jeff Levin - Sharing His Passion
Holistic Therapist