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Body Spin

Body Spin is the entry into Life Alignment’s entire system of healing and the foundation level for the Practitioner training.  It can be incorporated into existing healing modalities or as a standalone therapy.  Body Spin workshops provide a gentle and powerful introduction to working with energy.
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Body Spin utilises two vortex cards, the Seed of Life and the Resonance, that have been energised to help create a vortex or gateway through which energy can be released or received.  This initiates a powerful flow of healing energy into the body which activates the body to heal itself.
During the three day course you will learn about: Muscle testing & dowsing as a means of gathering information from the body;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Body Points, energy centre and correction points; Vortex cards and the principles behind them; Emotional patterns encoded into the cellular memory; Emotional release procedure; Integration 8 Learning will be primarily experiential with ample opportunity to practice dowsing, muscle testing, finding and balancing body points.  No previous experience of dowsing or energy work is necessary.
SWEDEN - 2017 Dates
10th -11th November 2017 Time:  9.30am - 5.30pm Venue:  Gothenburg Cost: TBC
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