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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cockfosters, Hertfordshire.  Closest Underground:  Oakwood Station on the Piccadilly Line.  It is a 5 minute walk from the station.  There is street parking (parking restriction between 2pm - 3pm Monday to Friday).
First treatment lasts approximately 2 hours, following treatments 1½ hours.
Wear comfortable clothing.  You remain fully clothed on a treatment couch or on a chair, covered by a blanket.
Where are you based?
How will I feel afterwards?
How long does a treatment last?
What happens during a treatment?
What do I wear?
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People have different reactions, but there may be some detoxification symptoms afterwards, so it is important to drink plenty of water to minimize any symptoms.
Life Alignment works by priority according to your higher consciousness of what needs to be released.  Through kinesiology (muscle testing), I ascertain the information of the emotional issues and blockages that are encoded in your cellular memory and help to balance these using Vortex Cards or my hands. I am guided by you and in turn, guide you through the process to a resolution.
Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit