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Home Alignment

Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation can have a lasting and life changing impact on one’s health and wellbeing.  Today, being constantly bombarded by environmental toxicity, our body’s energy system is being severely challenged and compromised.  In Home Alignment, we identify these invasive energies, and demonstrate ways to protect, enhance, and harmonise the client, bringing you into alignment with your environment, home and body. As we heal our body, it is imperative that we also heal our home. Walls tell a story.  As we hold memory in our bodies, so does our environment hold memory in it’s ‘body’.  Home Alignment accessess the imbalances and blockages in our personal space and our relationship within it.  When our space becomes blocked and the energy distorted, it is often reflected in our personal lives.  Home Alignment addresses these imbalances, corrects the flow of energy, creating light, harmony and well being for all the occupants. The Balancing Procedure Balancing the building is done off a house plan and involves all the occupants of the home, including the pets.  In preparation for aligning their home/work space, the client is first brought into alignment with their personal space (the physical aspect). The building is then assessed and balanced for geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation, as well as any other negative influences.  Using an Energy Flow Path chart, the building is checked for energy blockages along the flow path.  The specific Aspect and emotional issues are identified and the appropriate occupant is balanced using various Vortex and Life Alignment techniques. When the energy flow has been restored, appropriate treatments or adjustments are made in the home itself to hold this new energy.  These could include adding or removing certain items, placing a mirror, introducing colours or textures or clearing a space. Home Alignment should be done on an annual basis to maintain the flow of energy.
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£350.00  for the first session, which includes preparation beforehand (session 4 hours - this is usually enough time for the ground floor of an average home). Subsequent sessions are £125.00   each (session 3 hours - this is usually enough time per floor for subsequent floors). Any cards required are an additional charge.
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