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Home Alignment

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UK - 2017 Dates 22nd - 26th September 2017 Time:  9.30am - 5.30pm Venue:  Winchmore Hill, Enfield Cost:  £500 SWEDEN - 2017 Dates 15th - 19th February 2017 Time:  9.30am - 5.30pm Venue:  TBC Cost:  TBC        
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Walls   tell   a   story.    As   we   hold   memory   in   our   bodies,   so   does   our environment   hold   memory   in   its   ‘body’.   Home   Alignment   accesses the    imbalances    and    blockages    in    our    personal    space    and    our relationship   within   it.   When   the   flow   of   energy   within   that   space becomes   blocked,   it   is   often   reflected   in   our   personal   lives.      Home Alignment    addresses    these    imbalances    and    corrects    the    flow    of energy, creating harmony and well being.
Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit