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Life Alignment Book

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LIFE ALIGNMENT Heal Your Life & Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose - by Phillipa Lubbock
This is the story of how a revolutionary system of vibrational healing has, over the last 20 years, been quietly handed down from higher powers and other dimensions to Jeff Levin, with the clear instructions to share it, teach it and when the time is right, to make it available to everyone.  THAT TIME IS NOW Philippa Lubbock tells the extraordinary story of how one of today's foremost healers, Dr Jeff Levin, came to understand that he was being given a special message and the gift of practicing and teaching this powerful new vibrational healing method. In the course of telling this story, Philippa Lubbock explains just how the healing system works. The mind controls the body, thus our self-limiting beliefs and repressed feelings are the real root cause of illness. On the positive side, it follows that everything we need to heal is actually within us.  Life Alignment works with the individual's higher consciousness - which is accessed through muscle testing and dowsing - to ascertain the root causes of the disease. Then, with the help of Dr Levin's powerful Life Alignment Vortex Cards, the healing process happens - rapidly and with incredible ease.
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