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Life Purpose Alignment

Unlike Life Alignment, Life Purpose Alignment addresses our life direction and purpose.  Throughout the different stages of our lives, our life purpose changes and we may become stuck and unhappy and feel unable to follow our hearts’ desire through fear, pressure or lack of clarity and trust. In the process, the aspect of our life with which we need to come into harmony, is identified and becomes the focus of the balance.  In order to balance this, we find the qualities that are to manifest to create deeper connection and understanding of our true purpose.  These may be boldness, co-creation, leadership or vision.  The unresolved issues of our emotional patterns, belief systems, cultural or religious influences create blockages and prevent these qualities from materialising.  Once the patterns are released and balanced, we can align with our true direction and purpose with clarity and vision and provide direction to activate success and fulfillment. This powerful technique can also be applied to groups and businesses.
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(duration approximately 4 hours)
“When we trust the clarity of our hearts’ wisdom, we release the emotional baggage  of our life stories” - Jeff Levin                                                                                                                                              
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