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DIANA RICE talks Life Alignment at The Great Wall of China
JEFF LEVIN talks to
I used some basic quantum physics principles to set the context for Life Alignment:  everything is energy - but only some 5% is physical energy we can see & feel;  we are all linked in the ‘field’ and changing that field affects us all;  time is all time, not linear.
Practicing as an architect during the day, I developed a busy healing practice in the evenings.  Being quite naive about the healing process I easily surrendered to guidance, which I came to trust deeply as I witnessed profound changes in others.
JEFF LEVIN talks to Glenn Moore
Recently Jeff Levin was invited to be interviewed by Glenn Moore on “Sharing Your Passion”. It is a fabulous, in depth interview where Jeff describes his personal healing journey, how Life Alignment came into being and his vision of Life Alignment and energy work in the future.  Glenn asked the  questions so beautifully, drawing out Jeff’s insights that it gives you a very clear understanding of energy and the profound work of Life Alignment.
Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit