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Cherry Tyfield

My Journey

I was blessed to come across Life Alignment many years ago in South Africa.  My sister-in-law had just studied with Jeff Levin, the founder and developer of Life Alignment, and was very excited to try out this new therapy on as many people as she could lay her hands on!  She invited me to be a ‘case study body’, and as I felt I needed some guidance in my life at that time, I readily agreed. Flapping though pages, muttering under her breath that she didn’t really know what she was doing, she proceeded to give me an eye opening and life changing treatment.  I knew immediately that this was something I HAD to learn.  It brought such profound changes not only into my own life, but also into my family’s life. Jeff had just left South Africa, so I had to begin my training with one of the teachers he had trained.  It was eight months before I finally met Jeff and trained under him.  It was a great lesson in patience.  My Life Alignment journey began in 1997 and I enthusiastically threw myself into my practice. Having newly qualified, we immigrated to the UK in 1999.  I visited South Africa the following year to continue my advanced training.  In 2001 I became a Master Practitioner and Teacher. I have a thriving practice in Cockfosters, Hertfordshire (on the Piccadilly underground line) where I practice Life Alignment, Vortex and Home Alignment, Organisation Alignment, Relationship Alignment and Life Purpose Alignment In addition, I teach all the Practitioner courses, as well as training advanced Practitioners to become teachers themselves. As UK co-ordinator for Life Alignment, I am very involved in the development of Life Alignment public seminars and facilitate all the workshops run by Dr Levin.
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