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Organisation Alignment

Organisations are made up of people all working together.  If we looked at the organisation as a ship with each person having control of a rudder, the aim would be for all the rudders to steer in the same, agreed upon course.  However, the reality is that each person has their own subconscious belief system, issues and agendas that influence that direction, often creating disruption to the smooth flow of the ship. Organisation Alignment works with the “higher self” of the Organisation, just as Life Alignment works with an individual’s higher self, and brings organisations, and all those who are involved, into alignment.  Organisation Alignment facilitates the process, and releases the blockages that are habitually put in the way of success;  difficult situations can be resolved and future planning becomes smoother as a clearer vision emerges.
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£300.00  for the first session of 3 hours, then £150.00  for each 2 hour session – usually 3 – 4 are required.  On occasion it is more convenient or practical to have one full day session instead. The cost for this is £700.00  . Prices include preparation and a written report at the end of the sessions.
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