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Organisation Alignment Testimonials

“Brilliant! If you undertake an Organisation Alignment you look deeply into your own patterns.  Some of these patterns have shaped your thinking, feeling and behaviour all your life, and is not always the most comfortable.  It can be hard work!  This is a holistic experience that included making both mental and emotional changes in my inner and outer world. Cherry has guided me through this process in a very loving, compassionate, non-judgemental, light-hearted and patient way.  With exceptional sensitivity and clarity, she was always able to extract the underlying truth from my words.  Sometimes it was enough to add or leave out a word from what I described to bring me great insight and understanding.  With elegance and ease she helped me balance the imbalances that I have been carrying in my life. My balance was done a few weeks ago and I can already see beautiful changes within my business and with my employees.  The best thing, was that I recognised I do have everything that is necessary to transform my business into the one I want it to be. I highly recommend Cherry’s very professional work to everyone who wants to make changes for the better and take more responsibility for their life and business.”
Susanne Nifer, HoerZentrum
Phoenix Professional Services
“My business partner and I had been highly successful in our previous employment in a recruitment company, and decided to start our own company.  After we had been in business for a while, we felt stuck, facing challenge after challenge.   We had completely lost our direction, our company values, and what made us different and stand out from our competition.  We couldn’t agree on anything and were losing deal after deal.  The business was stuck in a rut and we were at an all time low.   This is when we invited Cherry to do an Organisation Alignment with us.   Cherry helped us identify the key issue - we were competing against each other. This practice had been carried over from our previous employment and was not serving us in our joint venture.  Cherry facilitated the changes that were necessary.  For the first time, my partner and I started working together, acting as a team. This was a huge step forward for us.   Our business went from strength to strength and over the next 18 – 24 months our revenue more than trebled.  Through the work we did with Cherry, resolving many issues, we gained confidence in our capabilities and were not afraid to spread our wings in seeking new clients.   After a phenomenal year, we then had the opportunity to bid on a large contract with a new client, which we won. We never imagined in our wildest dreams that we were capable of such expansion and generating the revenue that we did.   We now believe in who we are and the message we are putting out there. Our vision and strategy is clear and we know and believe in what differentiates us from our competition.   We feel that it is important to do follow up Organisation Alignment sessions on a regular basis to keep the focus and to keep things moving.   We have absolute faith in Cherry’s work and can’t recommend her highly enough. She is able to highlight the troubled areas with clarity and insight, clearing the blockages, putting us back in the right direction.   Every business should invest time and money in Organisation Alignment – the results speak for themselves.”
Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit