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Practitioner Testimonials

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“Thank you for an amazing, deep and profound healing session today.  I feel wonderful, relaxed and confident within myself and despite the fact that we have touched on the issues worked on today in the past, this session really did it for me, so much so that the unexplained pain in my shoulders which I have had for some time and the early symptoms of a sore throat disappeared like magic by the end of the session.  I look forward to a more harmonious relationship with all those involved.  Once again, thank you!”                                                                                                                                                                          - D L, London
“I wanted to write and say what a profound and beautiful session I had with you the other day.  It touched me very deeply and felt like a coming home to the me I have been searching for for many years.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”                                                                                                                                                                          - A T, London
“During our session Cherry’s quiet, calming manner made it easy to relax and allow insights to come up in relation to the emotional words.  If I struggled, Cherry prompted and the memories were clear.  At the end of the session I felt centred and strong in a resolve to put the insights into practice in my life and that feeling remains even now.  The support and wisdom of Cherry’s words was the help I needed to move past repeated pit-falls in my life.  Thank You!”                                                                                                                                                                             - P A, Reading
“The experience of life alignment with Cherry Tyfield is for me, an exciting journey of self-discovery. She has a gentle, reassuring, loving and an amazingly, unerringly accurate way of getting to the exact issue that is blocking your healing or spiritual progress at that particular time. The last time I saw Cherry the sessions brought back so many forgotten memories that pinpointed exactly the issues that were holding me back. She has a beautiful way of making you feel safe and yet encouraged to face that which you previously did not feel safe to deal with. I felt so liberated after the session that I felt taller and so much lighter as I walked back to the tube station. A few weeks later I saw my sister and she said. “It’s strange you look taller than I remember you”. So I can truthfully say ‘Cherry really does help you to grow’.”                                                                                                                                                                           - F R, London
“From the moment I met Cherry I found her and Life Alignment an experience that has changed me and my life for the better. Cherry has a wonderful gentle way that allows me to relax into the process. She always seems to know what to say and when to say it. Life Alignment is an amazing experience that has to be experienced to be fully understood.  My life led me to Cherry to meet her and to work with her on moving past blocks that were holding me back. Together we have and together we will continue to work on whatever life and the universe bring up. Thank you Cherry!”                                                                                                                                                                        - M N, London
“Being a healer myself, I really needed to find someone to give me healing when I could not cope on my own.  When I first met Cherry a few years ago, I felt an immediate affinity with her. I started seeing her once a week for a about six months. Then as I got better and better I went once a month and now I see her when I really need a session,  which is not too often! Those healing sessions were incredibly powerful and enlightening. I had some really spectacular ones. I travelled with her to many other lives and saw many connections that I could not see before. Cherry is a very gifted healer; compassionate, loving, caring and  a wonderful empathy. I feel deep gratitude for her work and blessed that I have found someone who I can go to when my boat becomes rocky. Thank you Cherry for being in my life.”                                                          - L N, London
“Going to see Cherry as a Life Alignment therapist is a profound experience.  She uses the Life Alignment tools and processes with consummate grace and skill.  She is able to get to the heart of an issue and then unravel and resolve the emotional turmoil in a miraculous way.  My last session was a case in point; she was able to home in on the core issue that I arrived with and deftly led me through the processes needed to dissolve the current road block and set me off once more feeling whole, energised and connected to my essential self.  It was an inspiration and I left with renewed strength and hope.  Enormous thanks Cherry.”                                                                                                                                                                          - C M, Salisbury
“Cherry is an exceptionally gifted and experienced Life Alignment practitioner.  With skill and compassion she has helped me resolve past issues and move forward with greater clarity and understanding.  She brings warmth, humour and insight to the healing process and I unreservedly recommend her services.”                                                  - D A, London
“My Life Alignment balances with Cherry have been life changing.  Not only are they powerful at the time but the effects are also long-lasting.  They have given me a more profound understanding of myself and a more enlightened view of the past.  Just as importantly, those balances have changed the way I have lived my life since then.  Cherry is a very compassionate and insightful Practitioner and a powerful channel for healing.”                                                    - A E, Devon
“I have been seeing Cherry for Life Alignment for several years now and the changes have been life changing.  I am really grateful to have found this work and most importantly Cherry.  She is the first person to have brought it to the UK and her expertise and experience is amazing - I’d recommend wholeheartedly!”                                           - P J, London
Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit
“With this deep transformational work its essential to find a practitioner you can trust.  Cherry is warm and friendly and puts me at ease.  I find the balance work fascinating, a inner journey across time to different realities, some of it is a familiar, “Oh at last I can release this! or Ah now I can heal that!”  But mostly I am journeying into the unknown.  The inner journey takes unexpected twists and turns...and I am given unexpected gifts.  If you want to heal and grow and find assistance on the way, I suggest Life Alignment!”                                                 - J S, Kent
“I have been using vortex cards, which was introduced to me by my a dear friend 5-6years ago, to harmonise my house, my office and my health with fantastic results. One day I had to decide whether to pay £350 for a treatment for a swollen gum and tooth abscess, in addition to pumping antibiotics into my system or on the other hand use alternatives! And I was in pain, and then I remembered I was told that the square vortex card can help, and voila, within 2-3 days all the pain and swelling went down and some white stuff came out of the area and that was the end of my tooth problem. Also my elderly, over weight friend swears by them as once she apply it on her achy arthritic knee joint for a half an hour, the pain disappeared and she managed to walk to do her shopping.”                                          - A A, London