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Teacher Testimonials

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“Thank you so much again for the gorgeous and profound workshop. You are such a gifted healer and teacher, and as I keep saying I feel so blessed that we have come into each other's lives. I am so grateful to you for all that you are, and all that you do, and the generosity, wisdom, patience, lightness and kindness that you constantly embody.”                                        - L T, Brighton
“I feel extremely fortunate to have Cherry as my teacher on the journey of learning to become a practitioner, and then an advanced practitioner, of the Life Alignment therapeutic process.  She is an exceptional teacher – supremely knowledgeable and inspiring.  She is unfailingly patient and reassuring with her students as they stumble towards mastery.  The most testing of questions are answered with ease and she unscrambles any misunderstandings, about the methods and processes being learned, with a light touch.  She is able to re-motivate flagging spirits and encourage with a cheerful “of course you can do it” sort of approach. Every training module is not only an uplifting experience but it is also great fun.   I am indebted to her.”        - C M, Salisbury
“Brilliant course with a thoroughly clear facilitator who didn’t miss anything or anybody out.  She taught with such clarity and humour that I am now so much more excited about my case studies, doing them with confidence and also balancing people.  Many thanks!”                                           - K D, Sussex
“Cherry has a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding that came across in her teaching.  The group experience was one of insight, fun and most importantly compassion.  It was a wonderful 4 days that nourished me on all levels!”                                          - P F, London
“Cherry is an excellent communicator and teacher.  Her experience, warmth and unwavering presence kept every student on track, providing a safe space for our learning.  Watching Cherry demonstrate balances was most instructive and makes so much sense when she shows you.  Putting together the strands of the story and feeling your way through the clues is bigger than it looks from the outside!  But I know it will become clearer and flow easier with practice.   I saw my weak points in the procedure and know where I need to sharpen and clarify my practice.  It is wonderful and amazing work and I felt so utterly lucky to be a part of it.  Thank you with all my heart!”        - A McN, West Sussex
“Cherry is a wonderful teacher;  she delivers the course with sincerity, great humour and compassion.  It’s evident that Cherry has genuine interest in her students succeeding.  The course was very well organised and I felt much more competent at the end of it than I expected I would.  I can’t wait to do the next one, after completing my case studies of course!”                                          - P B, London
Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit
I felt that the teachings were full of love and honesty. They were clear and well-presented and a good mix of theoretical and practical sessions. I was impressed with myself that I could be focused and able to take in so much information for three full days! I think the teacher, Anna and Margareta all did a very good job.                                           - DN, Gothenburg
Thank you for last weekend and teaching us Module 1. I do not know what happened to me during these three days but something it was. When I arrived on Friday I felt embarrassed, worried and thought I'll never get it and I had the cry in my throat all day. But on Sunday I felt a big change in my body and soul. I begin to feel trust, joy and believe that this is right and I can do it. And the feeling is still there. Thank you for helping me through this.                                             - MJ, Gothenburg