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Personal Treatments

It is almost impossible to describe what really happens in a Life Alignment session.  As the client, you will have an idea of what is bothering you, and seek solutions through the tiny perspective of our limited vision, without realising the answers lie in the vast space of our often unseen knowing-wisdom. In a treatment, known as a balance, you and the Practitioner will explore together the ‘story’ that is causing a blockage in the flow of energy in the body.  As all information of all things has been encoded into the cellular memory of your body, we can re-call this information by using your body to give it back to us.  This is done by muscle testing (a feedback process). Working with the body’s higher agenda, we find the priority or gateway to the specific blockage.  Together we will release the blockage and open up the pathways to your innate wisdom, guidance and intuition that allow the energy to begin to flow and restore you to self empowerment, fulfillment and harmony in alignment with your True Nature. After the session, there may be a need to lock in the new energy with ‘homework’ such as supplements, nutrition, exercise, journal writing or play to name just a few. To decide when your next appointment should be scheduled, the Practitioner will dowse the optimal time for this, to give time and space to integrate this session.
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What happens in a treatment and What do I Wear? Check out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to find out these and other answered questions!
£90.00 per session
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