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Vortex Alignment

Vortex Alignment brings a different element to Life Alignment that uses a range of Vortex Cards to help balance and protect people’s energy and homes from environmental pollution and toxicity.  Their function is twofold and can be used on the body for personal healing or energetically to bring balance to our environment, food and water, nature, mobile phones and air.  It levels the playing field through accelerating the healing and is not reliant on the experience of the Practitioner.
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On this 4 day workshop some of the skills you will learn: Refresher:  muscle testing and dowsing with a pendulum; Understand the energy behind the Vortex Cards and how to use them; To use the Vortex cards for personal & environmental healing; Structural balance of the body, relieving structural pains; Balance chakras, meridians and subtle bodies; Raise the frequency of the subtle bodies; Balance the energy fields of organs, glands and body systems; Release emotional stress; How to use Circle Books, Tree of Life patterns and Life Map for personal transformation and healing
Vortex cards have also been found to assist in shielding us from environmental stressors such as: Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers, pagers etc.; Geopathic stress (underground streams, lay lines, Curry and Hartmann grids); Pollution in our water, food and air; They also foster a high frequency in our living and work environment
UK - 2018 Dates
21st -24th June 2018 Time:  9.30am - 5.30pm Venue:  Winchmore Hill, Enfield Cost:  £350 (excl. cards)   
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NORWAY - 2018 Dates
12th - 15th April 2018 Time:  9.30am - 5.30pm Venue:  Jarveien 4B 1358 Jar Cost:  NOK4800 (excl. cards)
Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit