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Vortex Cards

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Holistic Therapist for Mind Body and Spirit Order Now Description For  Personal Protection Price £  For  Personal Healing For       Expansion For  Home For  Environment 40 60 40 40 25 40 40 40 40 120 50 40 40 40 50 40 40 40 160 210  (each) 50 50 (Resin)    (Resin)    The Generator Vortex Card The Generator card is very powerful in balancing large areas.  It boosts the effect of all the other cards.  By placing it on the Rainbow card, it helps to balance the energy of a house/building at a much deeper level, particularly if there is a strong geopathic stress. The Heart Vortex Card The Heart card assists in invoking love energy.  It can be used on a building as a whole or for individual rooms.  It is placed on the front door frame on the Rainbow card, or on the door frame of any room. The Hexagon Vortex Card Air Element - The Hexagon card is used to oxygenate the air.  It is placed on the front door frame of a building or a room.  The Hexagon, when placed on the front door, helps to neutralise the harmful effects of radiation from cell phone towers and all energies transmitted through the air. The Cell/Mobile Phone Vortex Card The Cell/Mobile Phone card polarises & transforms the harmful microwave radiation emitted by the phone to frequencies that harmonise with the human energy field.  Tests have shown that the body’s aura is significantly enhanced when using the card on the phone.  This card is placed inside the instrument on the battery or adhered to the back of the instrument.  The Octagon Vortex Card The Octagon card is used in buildings to eliminate negative energies.  It is placed on the Rainbow card on the door frame and works rapidly to cleanse the building.  The Opener Vortex Card The Opener card is used to clear negative family patterns from the home. It is placed on the front door frame on top of the Rainbow card.   The Small Square Vortex Card The Small Square card is specifically designed for personal protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), geopathic stress and negative energies from people and places.  It may be worn on the body or placed on electrical appliances.  The Pentagon Vortex Card The Pentagon card represents the water element and is used to balance and energise water and food, helping to neutralise the negative effect of chemical preservatives and other pollutants.  The card is placed under a plate of food or glass of water for a few seconds.  It may be placed on one of the water pipes or faucets to energise the water.    The Radiance Set The Radiance cards are a set of 3 cards that create a powerful vortex of energy according to placement.  For aligning the auric field & hence the physical body, the cards are placed clockwise.  Several severe structual patterns with associated pain have aligned & pain released in moments.  The anti-clockwise direction has balanced some severe physical conditions.   The Rainbow Vortex Card The Rainbow card is designed to balance & harmonise the atmosphere of an entire house, office or small building.  It emits a frequency that helps to transform the negative effects of electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic stress & toxic energies within the space.  It is placed on the frame of the front door which connects with the flow of energy entering the building.   The Resonance Vortex Card The Resonance card works closely with the Seed of Life and is placed on the front door, 30cm from the Rainbow and other cards.    The Seed Of Life Vortex Card The Seed of Life card creates a powerful vortex around the home creating strong protection from all external energies.  It is generally placed on the front door frame at least 30cm from the Rainbow and other cards.     The Square Vortex Card The Square card is used for protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), geopathic stress & negative energies from people & places.  It also helps to magnify a person’s energy field.  It is used by Practitioners & Bodyworkers to protect them from negative energies released during treatments.      The Tree Of Life Vortex Card The Tree of Life card gives the experience of expansion, assisting to connect with higher dimensions while grounding at the same time.  It may be placed on the Rainbow card at the front door.       The Triangle Vortex Card Earth Element - The Triangle card is used to activate & balance the mineral & vegetable kingdoms.  Placement Indoors - the Triangle is placed on a plant & will rapidly affect all the plants in a home or office.  Placement Outdoors - the Triangle is placed under a tree or bush & will rapidly energise a large area enhancing growth.        The Trust Vortex Card The Trust card has the effect of creating a sense of protection on the home or building, and emanates a feeling of safety.        The Receptivity Card The Receptivity card greatly enhances the balances.  It enables us to open up and receive more fully.  It is placed on the chest area with the energy being quite palpable.        The Power Cards The Power cards are a set of 4 cards.  They too greatly enhance the balances.  They give a sense of creating a Sacred Space which is very safe and stable.        The Activators A set of 3 cards, each containing 12 magnets, organised in a particular order.  They create a powerful vortex of energy according to placement.  Energy moves from Activator 1 to 2 to 3.  A clockwise direction creates a calming, balancing effect.  A anti-clockwise direction creates a stimulating, energising effect.         The Breath Of Life Vortex Card The Breath of Life card helps to open the crown chakra and connect us with our essence, our higher selves. It gives us a feeling of connection with the essential breath, causing a sense of elation and expansion. It has a soft feminine energy. It is placed on the Rainbow card.