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Vortex Pillules

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Vortex Tranquility has been energised to calm the nervous system and the body systems.  Helps one to de-stress, relax and supports rest and sleep.


Vortex Therapeutic has been energised to strengthen the immune system and is commonly used when there is severe imbalance in the body’s systems and organs.


Vortex N-Durance has been energised to strengthen the person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is useful for those needing strength and endurance in athletics or experiencing fatigue.  It is helpful for those feeling emotionally or mentally exhausted.


Vortex Nectar has been energised to balance, centre and expand the auric field as well as the chakras.  As a result the common experience has been the alignment of the physical structure.  Pains that are associated with the structural mis-alignment tend to disappear and the body feels energised, the mind uplifted.  Nectar is used as the base upon which other Vortex Pillules are added as it brings the body energies into alignment.

Body Slim

Helps to stimulate the metabolism and balance our eating patterns and quantities.  Body Slim stimulates the body’s ability to assimilate and digest food.  It also assists with nutrient absorption and assimilation.
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