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Circle and Tree of Life Book

To assist in the healing process, Jeff Levin has developed the Circle and Tree of Life books.  This is an excellent tool for long distance healing. The Circle book works on strengthening physical and emotional issues. The Tree of Life book works with emotional, mental and spiritual patterns that either need to be released, like anger or guilt, or strengthened such as self- empowerment or peace and stillness. Vortex Cards are placed on specific pre-described locations and handwriting or a hair sample is placed in the Circle or at the base of the Tree of Life pattern. Included with the books is an A3 double-sided laminate of each of these blank patterns.  Excludes file.

Dowsing Rods

Dowsing with RODS refers to the practice of detecting hidden or buried water, metals or other such objects without the use of scientific apparatus.  Dowsers generally make use of a Y- or L-shaped twig or rod to assist with detection.  We use these rods to detect Geopathic stresses that may be influencing a space.

Pearlescent Resin Pendulum

Our latest Vortex pendulum is made from durable resin and is available in a variety of beautiful, pearlescent colours. Here is our range of available colours: Glossy black, and the following pearlescents: white, black, brilliant gold, Aztec gold, antique gold, copper, antique bronze, purple, silver, blue and green. At 18 grams, this stunning new pendulum is almost double weight of our wooden ones. You will be the most stylish dowser on the planet!

Vortex Wand

The Wand contains all 36 frequencies of the 3 Activator cards, generating a beam of energy that extends several meters, concentrating the potency of the 3 Activator cards in a single beam.  The beam is directional - in one direction, it projects energy and in the opposite direction, withdraws energy, i.e. when used on an area of pain in the body, the one direction will radiate energy into the body to help it heal, whilst the opposite direction will release negative energy out of the body.  The Wand is also used to energise food, water, vegetation, land, stones and crystals.
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A Pendulum is a dowsing tool that one can learn to use.  By using it, a Practitioner is able to by-pass his/her conscious mind and access a higher intelligence/perception regarding the state of physical, mental or emotional health a client is in.  We do not use it as a divination tool, as questions about future happenings do not get clear answers.  The Pendulums are made in South Africa from beautiful wood.
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